Art Quilt: Be Light

I kept staring at the crumple-dyed cotton I had made and seeing images in it: my own personal Rorschach test. Flowers, mostly, and butterflies, leaves also. One edge was brighter than the rest, and I thought, "Let there be light," and I thought of the light at the end of the Pandemic tunnel. It needed to be an art quilt. (Be the light you want to see, maybe?)

Many of the pieces were from previous dye explorations, all had wonderful textures: cotton, flannel, velvet. Like petting a cat, caressing a pet, this quilt is full of a variety of softness and light, pleasing to the touch. Metallics couched to velvet, ribbed machine-sewn lines, sashiko diamond stitching, and random running stitches. The centerpiece was completely quilted by hand, accentuating all the images I saw.

Be Light
29"w x 47"h (74 cm x 119 cm)
hand-dyed cotton, velvet, flannel; sashiko and metallic threads; hand and machine sewn quilting


It seems I'm back to quilting. At least for now. I'm still curious about flower images in the crumple-dye process and have another beginning up and waiting. Someone pointed me toward the work of Sarah Swett, and I'm inspired by her "scribble mending."


Velma Bolyard said…
beautiful words, process, quilt
Alisa said…
Thank you, Velma. : )