Art Quilt: Embrace the Pink

Why do so many very little girls love the color pink? And why does it become irritating to some of us when we get older? I deliberately did not dress my daughter in pink, yet she went through a pink phase anyway. 

Pink Bewilderment aside, I bought a "Fire Red" dye, did a crumple dye of some cotton and velvet, and ended up with a shocking pink. Since the  lines in Robert Frost's poem, A Servant to Servants, where "the best way out is always through" and "I can see no way out but through," I decided to embrace the pink and go through it.

I had been thinking of roses and had tried intentionally to crumple and fold the cloth with the overlapping petals in mind. There were two pieces that looked botanical. So we have twins. The first is shown here. The second is yet to be quilted and bound.

The left side panel is cotton velvet.

Embrace the Pink
18.5"w x 33"h (47 cm x 84 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton, velvet, woven cotton; sashiko thread; machine and hand quilted

Definitely a flower here. Used a sashiko pattern that resembled another flower at the top.

Just playing: used the leaf pattern built into my sewing machine as well. Now I have to finish its twin.