Video: What We Reuse

It is always interesting to revisit old work. Sometimes the book jumps out and jogs a vivid memory. Sometimes it seems unfamiliar, as if someone else had made it, and I can't remember what I was trying to say. In those times I have to handle the work, re-read it if it had text, and spend time contemplating what it means now. Way back in 2014 I bought some handmade paper, which I wrote about here, and it took two years before it became the book, What We Reuse, the process described here. This was a book I did not remember, but the more I re-read it, the more I felt I wanted to share it further as a video.

Gradually, it came back to me. It's a book about words we have for things, things we don't have words for, words we reuse, and friendships, lost and found. We meet people, become friends, perhaps grow apart, perhaps come back together as new friends, or let people go. Cycling and recycling? The covers are made from recycled paper.

What We Reuse

What We Reuse is available at nevermindtheart

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