Art Quilt: Hello Chickadees

 Just one more, and just one more. And I still have quilt sleeves to sew and boards to saw. This one was pure joy; I used some Japanese fabric I had bought on a whim from Kimonomomo and pieced it in a semi-traditional way. But I knew it would have the sun-circle and the birds. The quilt honors the chestnut-backed chickadees, probably courtesy of the neighbor's nest box, that visit my birdbath daily for a drink and sometimes a bath. They must've put the bathing station location on social media because a titmouse and some lesser goldfinches have been checking it out lately.

Hello Chickadees
23.5 x 30.75" (59.5 cm x 78 cm)
hand-dyed and commercially printed cotton, woven cotton; cotton thread; hand and machine quilted


Hello Chickadee!