Art Quilt: It's Not Easy

From Kermit the Frog to Star Trek to climate change, green is a color with a past, present, and future. Working with the crumple dyeing technique (if you could call it that) that I have been enjoying, the new green quilt has a leafy subject. At the same time, the California drought continues, and we have a challenge if we want to keep our gardens green. It's not easy.

It's Not Easy
23 1/2" x 43" (60 cm x 109 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton and velvet, woven cotton; sashiko and embroidery threads; seed beads; hand and machine quilting

Leaf shapes and leafy sewing lines. 

A sashiko stitch called, "Crossed Flowers." I used beads in place of a line of stitching.

Clear and silver-tinged beads suggested water droplets to me.

Even the back has some interest.

All we can do is our best.


Liz A said…
interesting to see the machine and hand-sewing side-by-side ... and I especially like the beads incorporated into sashiko ... which has me thinking one could get much the same effect with rows of knots

thanks, too, for showing the other side ... always a favorite of mine
Alisa said…
Liz A,
Thanks for writing. I like that the beads provide added texture and shine, but knots, perhaps even silk, would be an interesting look.
dinahmow said…
The last picture, of the reverse, looks like a star chart.
Alisa said…
I accept! Maybe we can all make wishes. Thanks for writing.
Velma Bolyard said…
have i only just now spotted this beautiful quilt? lovely, alisa, just lovely
Alisa said…
Thank you, Velma!