Video: The Catch

Is everything upside down? Or are opposites part of a whole? What characteristic traits do we embody? What are the meanings of names? Some questions to ponder as one plays with The Catch, a two-by-four inch paper Jacob's ladder (a kind of flexagon I call "woven accordion"). Queens, jacks, and kings are paired, mix-and-match style, in the  one-and-a-half by three-and-a-half inch linoleum cuts. In the past wooden two-by-fours were cut to those exact dimensions, 2 x 4, but today they measure 1 1/2 x 3 1/2. Not the same! One set of letterpress printed words says one thing. Manipulate the book, and it responds with a different set of words. I created this book in 2016, and blogged about it here. Now, the video. What's the catch?

The Catch

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Book art available at nevermindtheart on Etsy.