Nature on Loan: Art Quilts at Piedmont Center for the Arts

 If you are local to the SF Bay Area, I hope you will stop by my exhibit at Piedmont Center for the Arts. I will be there on the three Sundays the gallery is open, September 5, 12, and 19 and would love to see/meet you. There is good ventilation there, with masking, and distancing protocols in place. As of this writing, I plan to show 47 quilts, from my scrap pandemic quilts to California fire quilts, botanical, and birds. Nature is on loan to us. It's up to us to respect that and one another.

Alongside the quilts I will show a few related books. Sometimes the materials are shared, other times I've explored the same concept and how the two forms emphasize different views. As of this writing I plan to include the artist books: Birds of the Bible: Vulture; The Third Light; What We ReUse; and Alphabetical Lichencounters; and possibly In the Wake of the Dream.

While I have been posting my art quilt progress over the years on this blog and on my website, even I have been surprised by the textures that get flattened in photos as I handle each one to get it dressed and ready for its debut.  A few I thought I didn't care for as much have details I had forgotten that I like. Same thing happens in museums when looking at paintings and other objects I have seen many times in books and online. In person is best. Other types of access are good, but it is easy to miss things. Of course there are times when In Person is Impossible, so the usual rule applies: aim for perfection, accept reality.

That's Rosie, the mama Osprey, from the whirley crane by the Red Oak Victory ship in Richmond, California. Web camera at: It is the end of the season, but I think she is still around for a few more weeks before she heads south for the winter. Her demeanor and parenting skills are an inspiration.

Nature on Loan
an exhibit of Art Quilts
by Alisa Golden

5 - 19 September 2021
801 Magnolia Ave
Piedmont, CA 94611

Gallery Hours: Sundays,
11am - 2pm

I will be sitting the show all three Sundays and plan to give a tour of the work at noon on September 12. Hope to see you there!