Indivisible and Octopus

Although my work is not overtly political, still I am always thinking about power and its imbalance and the frightening divisions in the United States. Weaving together our connection with the animals and plants and air and water around us, I recently made a print. 

The book The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness by Sy Montgomery is a wonderful exploration of a world we cannot know but with which we can empathize. In it, and in the Netflix film My Octopus Teacher, we learn that each of an octopus's eight arms is a separate entity, with its own taste and smell, and did they say brain, also? The connection with that concept and the metaphor for our society was the inspiration for this linocut and letterpress prints. The poem is hand set in Bodoni bold; the compass rose is a simple linocut; the letters are metal type: Typo Shaded; the octopus is a reduction print (carved from one block and printed on itself); the title is metal type: Onyx. Edition of 31 copies.

5"w x 7"h on cotton Stonehenge paper.

Watch for it at nevermindtheart.