Ready, Set, Show: Nature on Loan Installed

 Nature on Loan, my show of art quilts, is up and ready for up close viewing starting at 11am on Sunday, September 5, 2021 at Piedmont Center for the Arts. They will be holding several concerts out on the front lawn during the show dates, so you might like to check those out as well.

Many thanks to the Center, to Harry Howe, and to my crew of Dianne, Celeste, and Michael. Couldn't have installed the work so quickly and smoothly without any of them. 

I'll be there all three Sundays (5, 12, 19) from 11am to 2pm, with a scheduled walk-through tour on the 12th at noon. I intend to make a video, but for now (spoiler alert) here's a sneak peek of the show. 

This is looking into the main hall from the lobby/hallway. Pandemic quilts on the right, Osprey quilts at the end. The Hidden Cat and two older quilts, Seraph and Almost Cherry Season on the left of The Hidden Owl, center.

Looking back toward the lobby/hallway from the stage. Pandemic quilts on left, most of the newest quilts on the right: Be Light, Embrace the Pink, and Just Embrace the Pink, It's Not Easy, City Share, Folding Birds, Study for a Finding, Deep Beneath the Ink-dark Sea, and Resilience.

Looking into the lobby/hallway from the entrance. Fire quilts straight ahead.

In the lobby/hallway, looking to the right. Older quilts: Crows & Cons, Don't Look Behind You, and Hope Rants.

In the lobby/hallway looking back toward the entrance. A Chime of Wrens, Hello Chickadees, Aquila, Conversation, and What Are We Becoming.

The fire quilts are on the opposite wall in the lobby/hallway. Forty-seven quilts, total, plus five artist books. If you can I hope you'll come by and say hi. If not, more info and links to the making of each art quilt are at my website here.


Liz A said…
47 quilts and the stories of their making ... what an amazing body of work ... kudos