Reverse Appliqué Again: The Lone Kea

 It has been nearly a year since I wrote about my first attempt at reverse appliqué, and I hadn't found a project since The Plague. The Fire. The Fall. that needed it. While I was trying to work out my I Like A Kea quilts, I made this little piece, thinking to add it, but it didn't fit. Velma had sent me some of her older hand-dyed cotton, which was perfect for the Kea, I thought, since the colors vary throughout one piece of cloth.

Kea has a bead for her eye. She's more of a patch or small picture at present. She needs a flock to really be part of that circus of Keas.

She's small: about four by seven inches (roughly 10 cm x 18 cm). Hand stitched and embroidered, machine hemmed.


Velma Bolyard said…
I love how you used that cloth and transformed it! What a nifty small work!
Alisa said…
Thanks, Velma!!