Walking Through Nature on Loan: Exhibit Videos

Art on the wall is better than art stacked up, art in boxes, and art in closets, and now that my exhibit is over, I will have to stack the quilts back up on the bed, save a few that found other homes. Thanks to all those who were able to visit the show, and thanks to everyone for your support, whether you were able to be there in person or not.

Which brings me to the videos. The first one, Nature on Loan PCA, about two minutes long, is a quick overview, and it is just a look around the rooms. The second, Nature on Loan Exhibit, is about fourteen minutes,  and it includes the first video, with additional footage to get up close to most of the quilts, and to which I added a little commentary. 

I have also posted a pdf on my website that lists the 47 quilts in roughly the order they were featured on the walls, and with their own notes and prices. Pictures and blog post links to all quilts ever are here.

I hope you enjoy the tour.

Nature on Loan PCA (2 minutes)


Nature on Loan Exhibit (14 minutes)


Liz A said…
I very much enjoyed walking through the exhibit with your narration … thank you!
Alisa said…
You are very welcome. Thanks for watching!