Art Quilt: The Hidden Coot

For several years now, a friend and I have regularly walked by San Francisco Bay, stopping to pause, breathe the cool wind, listen to waves, and watch and snap photos of birds. We've begun to notice their seasons: when the Snowy Egrets begin sitting up in the trees, when the Brown Pelicans arrive, when the Avocets change from their red breeding color to pale again, and when the Coots leave and return as a group, among others. Even when all the Coots take off, one has continued to remain behind. This year, as of now, we still count five left, but in a month perhaps four will depart as well, leaving the one. Continuing in my series of the 36 Hidden Animals, this fifth quilt features our local Coot in golden autumn light.

The Hidden Coot
15" x 45"
Hand-dyed cotton, woven cotton; letterpress printing from wood and metal type; seed beads; hand quilted with hand-dyed perle and sashiko cotton threads

I letterpress printed on cotton: leaves scatter / geese are gone / ducks settle in / coots have flown / save one / staying home.

And the big wood type originally said HOME.

The back:

and the previous back, after it was pieced and before it was layered and quilted:

Happy Bird Season, whatever that may be!