Art Quilt: Through the Fog

The fog used to be synonymous with San Francisco. More recently, it has become a state of mind during the pandemic. But I love the tangible, grey weather fog, and it has started becoming more visible in the Bay Area again. I woke with a vision of butter yellow stitching through gray cloth, not my favorite color combo. That meant it was something I should explore.

Scrap grays, yellow threads came out of bins and baskets, one dyed square left from folding an origami garden bird. And a scrap of pink velvet as an accent, a highlight, and tinge of dusk's sky. I quilted with word-knots and stitches: Morse code. The words? Fog, fog, fog, (.. _ .     _ _ _    _ _ .) and a hint of Sun (...    .. _    _ .), with one little ray of Hope (....    _ _ _    . _ _ .  .).

Through the Fog
30.25"w x 18"h (76.5 cm x 46 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton, woven cotton, cotton, hand-dyed velvet; hand-dyed cotton and linen thread, sashiko thread; hand quilted

I like the fog. But I like it, too, when the sun comes through.


Liz A said…
I recently bought a bracelet for a loved one ... Morse Code beads that spelled out "family" ... at the time I had contemplated how best to stitch Morse Code and then to find your version here is a wonderful bit of synchronicity!
Alisa said…
Liz A,
Oh wow. I did not know anyone else had done a bracelet with Morse code. I dreamed a tattoo of my son's name on my wrist a few years ago, but knew I wouldn't be getting ink, and so made myself a bracelet of Onyx and silver beads instead that I wear every day.
Alisa said…
P.S. I also used Morse code in my 2019 quilt, Resilience.