Book Art Video: Eight Degrees of Charity

A scholar who lived  in the twelfth century, Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, interpreted Jewish texts, and many of his writings were collected into books. Listed in "Book Seven: The Book of Seeds" are the "eight degrees of charity," in descending order, which starts with helping someone find employment, among other things, and ends with a person giving reluctantly or "morosely." Each degree is interesting to ponder and provokes inquiry.  In 1995, I inquired of the text what it might mean to us in contemporary times and made a miniature book (under three inches). 

I also researched what a twelfth-century book might look like, and used the form and materials as inspiration for the structure. So, I present to you, during this season of thanking and giving, Eight Degrees of Charity by Maimonides, with historical notes and a double-sided puzzle with a quote from Job 14.7 and an original poem from me as seeds for thought.

Eight Degrees of Charity

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