New Needlepoint Box: Winter Trees (Trustful)

Even in California some of the trees are losing their leaves. The pattern of branches silhouetted against a bright sky has always enchanted me, so it is not surprising I became fixated on it again. Strangely, I was reminded of it through a pattern on a small handbag, which I purchased. Then again after a walk around a tree-lined reservoir, a friend sent me nearly the same image. Not that everything must come in threes, but I did feel inspired to then create my own version, a small needlepoint. Back to the needlepoint boxes, satisfying in their smallness and short termness.

It is called Winter Trees, but I also call it "Trustful," as in how we feel, sure the leaves will return in the spring. It also feels like the way friends, true friends, will be there when you need them.

The thread is either hand-dyed or metallic. The outer book cloth shimmers in the light: warp is copper and weft is blue, I think. Inside, I included hand-dyed dark blue velvet. The size is like the others I've made, starting March 2021: about four inches square by two and a half inches deep. It's up at nevermindtheart, my Etsy shop, until it isn't.