Book Art Video: Earthwords

"The earth is talking. Go and listen." 

In 1996, Susannah Hays curated an exhibition at Berkeley Art Center called "Science Imagined," in which artists were encouraged to collaborate with a scientist and create a science-based work of art; I was one of several invited artists. It wasn't a difficult project, as M. was interested in Very Low Frequency radio at the time, and I was happy to accompany him up to Inspiration Point in Tilden Park in the early morning to try to hear the earth through a special antenna. The catalogue notes for my resulting book, earthwords, quote me: "His mail order purchase brought us there… When I put on the earphones I heard the crackles and pops. The earth was on the radio."

Listening to the pings and pops, of which we could only hear a few, was enough to inspire the little book, earthwords. One doesn't have to get up at dawn or hike up into the hills at dusk or night to hear the earth talking anymore; there are websites with live streaming now, and examples of the sounds. I was pleased to include some of the sounds in the video.

It is interesting to look at the talking earth now, when there is a sudden focus on it.


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Liz A said…
what a gift this is ... you are ...
Alisa said…
Liz A, thank you. And for your continued reading and kind comments.