How to Pomegranate

The grocery stores have been placing their pomegranates on the welcome mat, and who can resist a visit? About two weeks ago, I took home a fairly red one, but was cautioned to wait until it "cracked," which would tell me it was ripe and filled with juicy fruited seeds. 

The internet told me it should be squared off and not round, another tip to ripeness.

I remembered that it was easiest to get at the fruity seeds if you open up the pomegranate in a bowl of water. I cut it in half to take a look, and peeled the rest in the water.

Could one dye with the pomegranate? Yes! This lovely website told me all about it, letting me know it would likely be yellow.

I put the rind and pith in a plastic container and poured hot water over it. It was a sunny day so I put the brew in the sun to steep. Meanwhile, I prepared a soda ash solution for the mordant and soaked a piece of cotton velveteen because I knew it would slurp up the dye. After a couple hours, I wrung out the cloth and put it in the pomegranate dye bath overnight.

I like a variegated look, so I kept the rind in with the cloth. You can see it turning a golden yellow. I knew it wouldn't stay that dark, particularly since I am too impatient to let it soak longer than a day.

I started rinsing it out. So pretty, like a pelt, but still wet. First a cold rinse, then a warm one with industrial soap.

Dried and ironed. A tawny light golden color. I like it! I can use it!


Cda00uk said…
Thanks for this. We get pomegranates in a fruit box we have delivered, but don’t like them. Now I know what to do with them before putting them in the compost bin!
Velma Bolyard said…
now that i get this in my email, i forget to comment, but here's a little hint--cellulose fibers and natural dyes like heat or time or both. maybe you didn't want to heat this fabric? anyway, i love all your wonderful posts in my email!
Alisa said…
Hi Velma,
Thanks for the tip. I had a feeling that might be the case. I saw on the Wild Colours website that it should simmer in a dye pot, but with all my buckets and plastic bins piling up (and because my main dye projects are with Procion dyes) I have been resisting adding a dye pot to the mix. Excuses, excuses, I know. I wondered if microwaving would work? Thanks for writing! I should clean out the studio so I have more room…