One More Small Quilt: Sown by a Squirrel, an Oak

There is a mighty Live Oak in the yard behind ours, a home and throughway to various birds and animals, both beautiful and a hindrance to our tiny city yards. Once I was told by an elderly neighbor that it had originally been a volunteer, which suggests willfulness, but I think it was planted by a bird or squirrel. I once pulled up over 100 sproutlings from its fallen or buried acorns, so I get how it got there. I wish for it a home on a country estate or wild park where it can spread out without critique. But instead, I write about it, and now have made a small quilt in homage. The approach was the same as for these three quilts. (And I could not resist the title pun.)

Sown by a Squirrel, an Oak
16.5"w x 16.25"h (42 cm x 41 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton; Japanese cotton; velvet; corduroy; hand-pigmented linen and linen threads; hand quilted


Live Oak behind the studio.
Japanese Maple in front.