Star 82 Review 10.1 Is Live Online

Where did those ten years go? I started Star 82 Review, my art and literature, online and print magazine with the first issue in March of 2013. For this spring issue that begins our tenth year, I chose artworks from artists who create art at NIAD (post about my curating a recent online exhibit for them here). Alongside the art is the usual assortment of excellent works of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction that happened to coalesce around the idea of our place in the world, be that physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. I hope you enjoy the issue as much as I do.

Star 82 Review online is always free here.

Issue 10.1 online is directly here.

Or if you would like to savor a book in the hand, you can order a print copy from Lulu here.


Lily Beaumont

Chris Bullard

Jeremy Burleson

Martha Christina

Julio Del Rio

Barbara Westwood Diehl

Jenny-Lynn Ellis

Amelia Akiko Frank

Gloria Frym

Jon Fukui

David A. Goodrum

Shana Harper

Maggie Harrison

Kathleen Hellen

Jenna Heller

Marc Janssen

Julie Allyn Johnson

Margaret Lloyd

Sara Malpass

Amy Marques

Erika Martinez

Karen May

Todd Mercer

Shantae Robinson

Bradley Samore

Alice Sampson

Nancy Scott

Serena Scott

Amanda Skofstad

Ruth Ticktin

Susan Wise