Book Art Video: Pharaoh's Daughter

In the book of Exodus there is a story where Pharaoh has decreed that all Hebrew baby boys are to be put to death. His daughter goes to bathe and finds a basket in the river with a baby boy inside. She rescues him and raises him as her own. The baby is named Moses ("I drew him out of the water"), who eventually leads the Hebrews out of slavery, out of Egypt. Without the princess, this would not have happened, but in the Bible, the daughter, the rescuer, is unnamed. Eventually, the rabbis gave her the name Batya. For one of my mother's birthdays, I made this book for her because she shares that Hebrew name.

On the Passover festival, which begins this year the eve of April 15, Jews around the world read passages from the book of Exodus, a reminder of slavery and freedom, fear and hope.

Pharaoh's Daughter

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Anonymous said…
I have enjoyed your books for quite a while now. The Batya book is so perfect for this time of year in so many ways. I especially enjoy the videos. It's so difficult to present a book without being able to turn the pages and these videos solve that problem. The voice over is perfect.
Keep up the good work. Elaine Gongora
Alisa said…
Elaine, So good to hear! Thank you for watching and for writing.