Playing with Wood Type and Drawstring Bags

I took a break from my Main work for a day of Other Work last week. I have a larger project quilt in mind using some cloth that Velma Bolyard made and gave me, but I was not ready to cut into it yet. Meanwhile, a friend and I went over to The Compound Gallery's to see a show by David Fullarton and check out the new location. Nice light gallery space, very pretty! Fullarton's work is humorous, as always; his illustrations drawn from photographs are precise. If you can see his very short creative process video, I recommend it. In one corner of the gallery is an art vending machine, and I noticed some puffy pillow-like animals, screen printed. I thought about what I print on cloth, and what I can print on cloth, and went home and drew a typographic cat and a bird. I would print them in wood type.

Which I did. I printed on my hand-dyed cotton, and then texted with my wanderer, who gave me the idea for the drawstring bags. I like making multiples from time to time, but it is more fun to vary the colors or designs. What was interesting to me was that I enjoyed every step of the process, from the designing, the printing, the construction, all of it. I only hit one pause when I had to figure out the collar/band where the ribbon would go.

The bags are up now at nevermindtheart, with a little video there for each as well. Gifts and glasses will fit in the bird bag, as will pencils, pens, notions, jewelry, or a phone. A variety of things will fit inside the cat bag. There are only four cats and six birds available. When they are gone, well, on to the next Other Work.

Cat Wood Type Print Drawstring Bag