Book Art Video: Oh Great Chicken

Sometimes we focus all our energy toward one direction, which may turn out to be a misdirection. Or we may have to sit back and re-evaluate the route: "calculating" as the GPS used to say. I made the artist book, Oh Great Chicken in 2009, when both my and the world's circumstances were different, my energy focused elsewhere. I see it as a story of faith, hope and despair, re-evaluation and acceptance. Depending on how you look at it, it can be sad or simply grounded.

The main story is printed letterpress on painted paper from metal type on the inside of the circle accordion. The outside, like a nest, is painted in tans and browns, with letterpress signage like "Privacy" here and there. Two brief nonfiction stories (one a dream) appear at the end.

Oh Great Chicken

More book art videos at my channel, never mind.