Scrap Art Quilt: Waiting

Happy Summer! My visit to L.A. was cut short a day because a household member where I was staying came back from a college reunion with Covid. Currently, I am quarantining at home and wearing a mask indoors (but I continue to go out, walk, and eat outside), as per guidelines, and I'm camping out in my home office. At Day 5, I tested negative, but my family is continuing to mask until Day 10, again, as per guidelines. All things considered, the inconvenience is annoying but mild.

But the disruption did throw me off my game a bit. Since the end of May, I had been writing one thing and drawing one thing daily, which was my challenge for myself. I had no art quilts in mind.

Until now.

While I waited for Day 10 and "normalcy" (it is to be hoped), I worked on a small scrap quilt called, what else? "Waiting."

29.5"w x 18"h (75 cm x 46 cm)
Variety of cotton and linen scraps; raw-edge appliqué; hand quilting

The long rectangles are an interpretation of the Covid home test. The quilting stitches, with cotton thread, are two letters in Morse code: C and T, like on the Covid test. C for Control, T for Test. The rectangle with the quails is from a design I posted as everbird on Spoonflower.

The back looks like the same word, over and over.

The binding is made up of fabric from some remnant strips I got recently from kimonomomo. She had four bundles for sale, and I couldn't resist.

While in Los Angeles, I did manage to see some exhibitions at the Craft Contemporary (formerly the Craft and Folk Art Museum, but actually still the same) that incorporated all of my interests: printmaking, textiles, objects, and multiples. More on that, later.