Art Quilt: I Worry About the Sky

Sometimes the mind makes a plan, but the body steers in a different direction. I thought I had sketched out an idea for a quilt that would use some of my scraps, but when I started pulling out various colors and shapes the quilt cajoled, needled, and demanded to be something entirely different. Perhaps that other quilt will get made (and this is all while in the middle of a larger work-in-progress to come later), but this quilt emboldened me and gave me the confidence to continue trying out free-motion quilting with my low-end sewing machine.

Is the sky falling? It feels like it is.

I Worry About the Sky
24"w x 23.25"h (61 cm x 59 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton and silk scraps, Japanese woven scraps, silk organza; pieced and free-motion quilted

The silk organza is anchored at a seam, but floats freely.

It all began this way:


Liz A said…
somehow this feels of a piece with a book I have just started to read ... "a sideways look at clouds" ... written by Californian Maria Mudd Ruth after she moved to the Pacific Northwest ... your free-motion quilting in particular
Alisa said…
Hi Liz A,
Intriguing. Always good to have another book to look for. Thanks, as always, for writing.
Liza Green said…
I absolutely love this quilt snd envy your skill - and your muse. Such a beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing.
Alisa said…
Thank you for reading/viewing and your comments, Liza!