Book Art Video: Hash Browns and Toast

A summer road trip in college inspired the long prose poem, "Hash Browns and Toast," which was subsequently published by a literary magazine in Australia (long gone, called Compass). It was mostly about a solo visit to a restaurant one morning, and fictionalized from there. 

What possessed me to set the whole thing in metal type, one letter at a time, I don't know, but I made it into an artist's book in 1984, printing 100 copies. At the time I was absolutely devoted to the craft. Over the years the cover began to yellow, and in 1999 I created a new cover for 50 of the copies with hand-stenciled images and letterpress printed wood type. The inside was on good cotton paper and remains the same.

Here, then, the poem-story. Grab a beverage of choice. It's about a ten-minute listen.

Hash Browns and Toast

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