Fly Little Poems and Quilt: Some New Online Works

Just a quick post to let you know that some of my works were just made virtually available. Three of my tiny poems were published at One Sentence Poems, and one quilt was accepted into a SAQA virtual exhibition, Textile Expressionism

The poems at One Sentence Poems look like poems, but really are just one sentence each. They post three times a week.

I am pleased with the online exhibition, and my quilt feels at home among the other quilts there. Hovering over the squares shows you the name of the artist. Clicking one image and then clicking arrows afterwards gives you the slide show of the quilts. Addendum: There is also a cool Virtual Tour, where you can get an idea of size and spacing of the quilts on the "walls."

One Sentence Poems
My Mistake


I Have Misjudged Someone Again

Textile Expressionism
Would He Hide Me
(my blog post about this quilt here)