A Surprise from Book Artist Ed Hutchins

Ed Hutchins, long-time book arts colleague, supporter, and friend, sent me a package the other day. Let's unwrap it.

Black cardboard outside box with title on the spine and front and the edition number with my name. Oh! a copy of his new book Star Gazer, for me.

An inset inside to hold the actual book. The book is in a sealed clear plastic bag.

A tight fit, but we can get it out.

Aha! This is the wrapper. It's a folded box with a die-cut flap and circular cutout. It's the kind of box made of two pieces of crossed paper or lightweight board also known as a "phase box."

A beautiful frame for the book itself.

From above, you can see the structure. It appears to be a variation of the Linked Hinge Binding I dreamed.

Which leaves room for the bulk of the intricate pop-ups Ed has added! That's a lot of work, to say the least.

The text is a reflection on looking up at the stars, perhaps as much about introspection and having strength within ourselves as it is about seeking outward answers.

And, very sweet! A credit in the colophon.
96 copies!!!!

Ed is an energetic, enthusiastic, and a very, very generous soul. I've learned so much from him over the years as he has shared a cache of folded book forms that he loves. You can find his website and support his work here.