Art Bundles at nevermindtheart

Deep in the archives of my studio I have book models and artworks I've kept because I like them so much. After much thought, I've decided to let them go to new homes. I'll be posting bundles of about three books or works every week. When they are gone, well, they are one of a kind, so they will be gone. Here is the first round now of mostly wordless and unsigned handmade books. Free shipping. More photos and info at the nevermindtheart Etsy links.

Birds and Trees: painted paper field notebook, hardcover painted paper book with stenciled birds and trees, book with found book collage pages and painted paper

In the City: hardcover flag book, bundled stitch book, tunnel book with postcards

In the Field: portfolio with delicate gomphrena decumbens, small Coptic book with pressed flowers, two painted paper field notebooks

Black and White and Color: four miniature books and box; cards used to demonstrate painting techniques for my instructional book, Painted Paper (this last link is an Amazon link).