Art Quilt: Redacted

The week the redacted affidavit was released regarding the search of the former president's residence, I pulled out a variety of text scraps I had printed for other quilts, then set up some wood type and letterpress printed the words: secret, sensitive, classified, and confidential in white on black cotton. 

34.25"w x 32.5"h (87 cm x 82.5 cm)
letterpress printing from wood type, engravings, linocuts, and collagraphs on cotton; Japanese cotton; found printed cotton; free-motion quilting

Over the pieced scraps I free-motion quilted "I can't tell you."

Two of the newly printed strips were pieced into the whole, the rest I appliqu├ęd, leaving the raw edges, and free-motion quilted scribbles over all but the letters that spell out REDACTED.

A sort of erasure of itself.


Addendum: Selected by juror Christine Aaron for the joint exhibition with Studio Art Quilt Associates and California Society of Printmakers, "Printed & Stitched," to debut May 20 - June 16, 2023 at Art Ark Gallery in San Jose, CA. Touring with Exhibit Envoy thereafter until July 2027.


Liz A said…
raw edges ... how apt ... as is the entire concept ... this one really resonates
Alisa said…
Thanks. It was fun to work on, too.