Star 82 Review 10.3 Is Live Online

It's nearly fall, but in our neck of the sand, the weather just says, "hot." Time for a refreshing read of new work by authors and artists from around the world! In this thirty-ninth issue of Star 82 Review, the magazine I founded in 2012-13 and continue to edit and publish, we have a life full of communication and miscommunication, objects that conjure memories, and wistful takes on life and grief.

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Ivars Balkits

Ann Calandro

Larry Caveney

Mariam Chagelishvilli

Yejun Chun

Corey D. Cook

Jan Cronos

Cassandra-Halleh Delaney

Matt Dennison

Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi 

Mark Foss

Aiden Heung

Jimmy Huff

Jessie Lian

Kali Lightfoot

Wendy K. Mages

Amy Marques

Stephanie Martin

Linda McQuarrie-Bowerman

Alex Newman

Clare Olivares

Phillip Temples

Mateo Toska