Mini Paintings

Reinvigorated perusing the artwork of Deth P. Sun, I started making whimsical drawings again and painting them on wooden blocks that can either stand up or be displayed on the wall (there's a little hole on the back, and each comes with a tiny nail). I used to constantly draw these characters in my journals, but they weren't easy to use in my book art, particularly letterpress before there were photopolymer plates. You can see some examples of my drawings in my book art in the videos, AY, and in Fair Entry, and Crows at Home, done with photocopies for the first two and plates for the last.

But painting. Although I haven't exhibited any of my paintings and drawings, I've always enjoyed acrylic paints. And the wooden blocks are tactile objects. So here are the beginnings of mini paintings, colorful, and joyful to make. I've put them on Etsy, if one grabs your interest. Keep watching. There will be more. And other curious items as well.

Mini Paintings on Etsy at nevermindtheart

Mini Paintings

2" x 2" x .75"

acrylic on wood