Star 82 Review 10.4 Is Live Online

Happy December! The fortieth issue of Star 82 Review, the online and print-on-demand magazine I publish, is now available. The themes of every issue are open-ended, but often something comes to mind as I gather them together. This time, the works evoked the idea of being in the moment, something that can be hard to do. Lots of art this issue: look for Kay Bradner's watercolor animals and Kristina Nobleman's prints and collages, for starters. Contributors from long ago issues are back: Poet Paul Hostovsky, a contributor to our very first issue in 2013, is featured with a fitting poem about the past and memory, as is Daniel Lehan, with his collaged poems from a series called, "Reminiscences." 

Big thanks again to all the contributors, online readers, and subscribers to the print version. It's just me on this end, but I can't do it without you!

Star 82 Review 10.4 free online here.

Star 82 Review 10.4 print copies at Lulu here.