Patterned Drawstring Bags

I'm still designing new patterns for Spoonflower, all at my everbird shop here. It's really a rabbit hole: once you start it is very hard to stop, and they have a new design challenge every week. A prompt, so to speak, which gets voted on by the public. Although typically 1000+ designs are uploaded and it is unlikely to win "Spoondollar" credit on the website from the contest, I'm finding my shop is getting more action, so that's fun. Not exactly fame, and certainly not fortune, but a pellet all the same. And we need our pellets to keep going.

The eyeglass cases were first, now I've made some patterned drawstring bags available. I lined them with my hand-dyed cotton, and finished them off with ribbon and beads. They are roughly 6" x 8". A good Lindt chocolate bar fits inside (I tried one), which makes it a nice valentine for someone, perhaps?

Tree Network, Queen of Hearts, and Eucalyptus

You can find the bags and more photos at nevermindtheart on Etsy. Other patterns may be available.

The patterned cloth is at everbird on Spoonflower. (Each bag takes 7" x 18" to make the outsides, roughly a third of a fat quarter.)