Art Quilt: Birch Dance

A surprising winter storm in California blew down many twigs and branches, including some delicate ones with leaves and catkins attached from a birch tree up the hill. I've actually been weaving the branches with waxed linen (which I haven't shown) as another means to keep my hands busy during a time of restlessness. 

I also recently purchased some metallic double-ended brush pens that I liked (Spectrum Noir Metallic: Precious Metals at Blick), and as I was drawing, I created a pattern that inspired a possible idea for a quilt. My current interest in trees and their bark led to a day of stencil making and stenciling with metallic fabric paint (Lumiere, which you can get from Dharma Trading) onto scrap cloth I got from a friend, and then to the quilt itself. Another one of those meanders to find the way.

Birch Dance
20"w x 34.5"h (51 cm x 87.5 cm)
cotton scraps; metallic fabric paint; hand quilted with cotton thread

I created three different stencils and used silver, gold, copper, and a flat black fabric paint.


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