Letterpress Tree Prints

Thinking about my upcoming mini tree art show at our local Albany, CA library in July, I've had trees on my mind. Not that I need any more works to add, but it's nice to show current work. 

I've made two prints recently, not counting the one for the new year. When I was in L.A. at Craft Contemporary gift shop, I found a memo pad of tree paper: thin shavings of real wood mounted in a pad. The maker is Kizara Project, and they only use Japanese Red Pine wood that has been thinned from forests, making the results sustainable. My tree poem, "Then There Is the Scar" was published at One Sentence Poems on February 22, 2023, and seemed a fitting text to print on the wood sheets. The wood naturally curls, so I mounted it, tipped it in lightly, on a piece of cotton printmaking paper in an edition of 50. The print is available at nevermindtheart.

I printed the information on the back of the mounting paper: Sustainable Japanese Red Pine sheets by Kizara Project. Letterpress by Alisa. Poem first published in One Sentence Poems, 22 February '23.

The second print is another poem, this one so far unpublished, called "Trustful," printed in layers: wood type in yellow, wood type in tan, and a collagraph of birch twigs in green/gold, with the poem in bark brown.

There are only sixteen copies of "Trustful," also available at nevermindtheart.

Spring is coming. My trees are starting to leaf out. How about yours?
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