Spoonflower: Magnolia Twiglet Design - Vote

In between larger projects I've been designing patterns for my Spoonflower shop and entering some in their contests. Voting for the latest challenge "East Fork: Butter and Piglet" starts today, March 30 and is open until 3pm EDT on April 4. If you feel so inclined to sit and scroll through lots of patterns and would like to vote for mine, here is the link to vote.

The constraint was that the yellow and pink colors had to be used. Here is my design, "magnolia twiglet." The design is an adaptation of a multicolor linocut I created for my 2013 book Tree.

My Spoonflower shop with other patterns available is everbird. Thanks for looking!

It looks like this on the screen:

Up close:

Note: If your eyeballs need a rest, your time is limited, and don't want to scroll through so many, you can high-speed scroll down to the bottom, then find/search for "everbird" and it should appear.