Stories & Poems and Article in The California Printmaker

I've been writing poems and stories and essays and sending them out into the world all my life. Although several of my instructional books were published by Sterling/Lark: Creating Handmade Books, Unique Handmade Books, Expressive Handmade Books, Painted Paper, and the combination/bind-up, Making Handmade Books, my heart has always been in creative writing and the desire to have my creative work published and more widely available.

If you are interested in reading my stories, poems, and creative nonfiction, I keep this web page updated with links to the various magazines where you can read them.

A recent autobiographical art essay just appeared in The California Printmaker, the journal of the California Society of Printmakers, which is published as a print copy (of course), but I was told I could post the pdf on my website, which I have done here: Piecing the Future. All of the essays included there deal with the theme of "changing/shifting gears." My shift is from book arts to textiles: for me the activities are actually similar. 

At some point they will offer the issue for sale, I believe, perhaps at this link. Other essays by: Margaret Niven, Oswald Are, John Babcock, Maxine Foster, April Vollmer, Donna Westerman, Ellen Shattuck Pierce, Kristina Nobleman, Kent Manse, Arianna Abadal and Teofil Androne, Louise Bloom, Lisa Sherry, and Luz Marina Ruiz.

Meanwhile, here is the link again to Stories & Poems by Alisa Golden

Thanks for reading!