Art Quilt: One Crow Comforts Me

I don't know exactly when I started, but when I take a walk I say hello to any crow I meet, secretly hoping that one day one will answer. Corvids are mimics, so it's not entirely crazy to think one might say hello back. A few years ago, one seemed to answer, but with a strange sound: it didn't seem to be able to caw like the other crows. It lived on my street for a while, eventually moved up the hill, and I was happy to notice that it found a mate. I still see him or her, or rather, I still say hello to all crows and sometimes one responds, apparently my old friend. My poem, One Crow Comforts Me, was published in 2022 by Eunoia Review, and I recently created a two-part quilt, a diptych, based on the poem and experience.

I have been creating monoprints, layering colors on cloth, by using my own stencils and a 5x7" Gelli plate (that's an Amazon link). Another artist mentioned that Golden (no relation) Open Acrylics work well on cloth with said plate. It turns out they are good, a little fluid though, but leave the cloth softer and less stiff than straight-up regular acrylics. With this quilt I also stenciled with fabric paint, or masked, rather, areas using the inner areas from stencils I had cut a few years ago of crow feathers.