Book Art Video: Epictetus: Once Said a Stoic

When we experience pain or a loss, we instinctively seek comfort. Some find it in religion, the arts, food, substances, exercise, or many other things. In 2003, after our son died, we started reading Stoic philosophy, starting with Epictetus, who lived in the first century. He was an enslaved man, could not walk, and when he was free he taught his philosophy of life.

My understanding of the philosophy is not that you keep a "stiff upper lip" as the saying goes, but that you accept responsibility for the things you can control and the choices you make. If you want to go somewhere, for example, and know there is a chance that something you won't like will happen there, you accept it if it does. You don't have to like it, but you don't get angry about it or blame others or blame yourself for going. You have a choice how you respond.

To remind myself, and perhaps be of help to others, I printed a miniature book with brief excerpts from Epictetus. I've posted a longer video of it at my channel, never mind and embedded it, below. There still may be a few copies left here.

Epictetus: Once Said a Stoic