Art Quilt: Precarious

 It may have started with the word. I think it did. It may have started with the image of a bird perching on a very thin line. I knew I wanted to print the word in red. I researched perching birds and settled on a Townsend's Solitaire, a fairly unobtrusive thrush that is likely to be endangered in the future. It is easy to get worried about brightly colored birds or cute animals, but there are also those semi-ordinary ones who deserve to be thought about and protected.

24.5"w x 44.5"h (62 cm x 113 cm)
Letterpress printed from wood type on cotton; handmade stencil and fabric paint; Japanese cotton; embroidery; hand and free-motion quilted


The bird is (intentionally) just missing the perch

I hand stitched both an improvised "crossed birds" (top center) sashiko pattern and "arrow feather" (bottom right in second picture, below))

Where will we perch?


Robin said…
Fascinating quilt. I love things that are more than art or craft
- they make me think.
Alisa said…
Thanks so much, Robin!