Star 82 Review Is in Its Twelfth Year

Star 82 Review, the magazine I founded, publish, edit, design, etc. is in its twelfth year and still going strong! Issue 12.1 is available here. A link to the hard copy, print-on-demand from Lulu is here and at the bottom of the issue's web page. 

Editing a magazine means I receive hundreds of poems, stories, artwork, and combinations of any and all of them, and I often have hard decisions to make. Many times the work is well done, but it isn't what I am looking for (see post from 2013). Ultimately, I try to choose work that is heartfelt, thoughtful, and that shows what we have in common as humans as we make mistakes, are vulnerable, and learn to help one another. I look for a fresh approach or insight. I look for observational humor rather than jokes, details that we normally might not notice. I look for interesting use of language that serves the work and doesn't detract or distract from the meaning or message. Ultimately, like all editors and publications, what I choose is subjective. For Star 82 Review, I want the work to be an oasis, of sorts.

For news of publications I post on the Star 82 Review News Blog. If you would like to see sneak peeks at the upcoming covers, that's where they are and have always been. If you would like to be alerted to advance discounts for the print issues, please sign up at the pop-up window on the Star 82 Review website. I generally send out just four mailings per year.

If you are an artist, please consider sending images of your work. It's not a usual venue for artists, but it inspires people who might not see it in the usual venues. I don't see nearly enough artwork. Submission guidelines are here. Thanks for reading.