Art Quilt: On Turtle Time

Again, a shoutout to Sy Montgomery's book [Amazon link], Of Time and Turtles, and inspired by the work of the Turtle Rescue League, with the latest art quilt On Turtle Time. This sea turtle was once a round egg hatched in the sand, and a baby who made it to the water to live and swim and grow to up to four feet, if given the chance. Here, the Green Turtle, a vegetarian, swims among the giant kelp looking for algae, seaweed and seagrasses to eat.

"Turtle time" is a concept Sy Montgomery touches on in the book, noting the benefits of slowing down, something hard to do when living in a city or trying to make a living; the pressured pace is fast. Does it have to be? Maybe I am making these quilts as a reminder to slow down, be present, and continue to think about our interconnectedness with one another and the animals and plants around us.

On Turtle Time
31"w x 31.75"h (78.5 cm x 80.5 cm)
Hand drawn and handmade stencil with fabric paint; handmade stencil with deColourant; hand-dyed cotton; ice-dyed cotton; letterpress printed from wood type on hand-dyed cotton; reverse appliqué; hand and free-motion quilting


The latest visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium caused me to seek out the two swimming green sea turtles in The Open Sea exhibit. Web cam is here. (You may have to watch a couple minutes to see them.)

Take care.