24-Hour Scrap Quiltlet: Outlier

After finishing Fire Line: Do Not Cross I saw it was time to clean up the workspace. I had some scraps pinned up that I liked, that I had dyed, and that I had not been able to incorporate into any project. And I had bags and bags of scraps sorted by color. It was time to attend to those since I have no room to acquire any more fabric. So, in short order, I put together a little quilt, a scrap quiltlet. I still have lots of scraps, but at least these little pieces found a home.

11.25" x 13.25" (27 cm x 33.5 cm)
Hand-dyed, painted, letterpress printed, pigmented, Japanese cotton scraps, linen, velvet; painted cotton knit  machine-sewn appliqué; circle inset; sashiko "rising steam" hand quilting

and back

After working with red it was calming to work with greens and blues. The stitching is not white but a very soft green-blue embroidery thread from Alabama Chanin called "sky," part of the gift package from Lynn. (It may not still be offered, but there is a "baby blue" that looks sweet.)

The outlier is the gold cutout-flame leftover from Fire Line: Do Not Cross, sewn by machine instead of hand-quilted like the rest of the quiltlet.