Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Cloth Book

You can make a substantial cloth book without sewing or gluing by using the Slot & Tab binding.

Cut twenty equal rectangles out of cloth. Place the cloth in a horizontal format. Apply a vertical line of gesso down the center of each.

Detailed instructions for making the structure out of paper are shown on the following pages:
Making Handmade Books, 55-56
Unique Handmade Books, as Pocket Triangle and Diamond Book, 48-51
Creating Handmade Books, 37-39

This is how the book appeared before it became Handle with Gloves: Twelve Readings in the post, "Eva Hesse: Visual & Visceral."

The original Slot & Tab binding was designed by Michael Budiansky.


Lotus said...

I'm gonna give this a try!

Judith Hoffman said...

this is great - I sent a link to my book arts group. The finished book is beautiful, too. I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks!

Kieu said...

This is a great design! Definitely will experiment with this. Thanks for sharing!

Velma said...

alisa, this may have solved a big problem for me...thank you michael, too.

iNd!@nA said...

followed the breadcrumbs that Velma sprinkled in the forest to find you here...this is intriguing indeed.

Alisa said...

Thanks to all!
And welcome iNd!@nA