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Once again, I searched through the book models and previously made blank books hoping to find the proper journal to take with me to New York City. And, once again, none of them had the feel I wanted. Next, I opened the drawer of painted paper scraps and shuffled through the papers. Yes, indeed. I found one with the white-washed, graffiti, city look I was after. It was already painted on both sides, was a thick Stonehenge printmaking paper, so it would be perfect for the cover of a Crossed-Structure travel journal.

I added the title by painting acrylic paint through French stencils. And sewed down the woven straps with random lines. I got out my translucent pencil bag and selected brush markers, a gel pen, a Micron pen, a pencil, eraser, rounded-end scissors, and a glue stick to fit inside.

All set. I didn't end up doing much drawing this trip. I copied logos and the symbol for whatever train we took. Made a few origami envelope pockets to hold business cards. Highlights of the trip were a visit to The Cloisters in the rain, and to see the poet/visual artist Marcel Broodthaers exhibit at MoMA.

Next time I would add to the travel kit: photo corners and a length of self-adhesive linen tape.

By mistake, I had woven over the date I had stenciled on the back. But I liked it even better with the window torn out, and I would consider making this mistake intentionally next time.

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Els said…
Loooove that cover ;-)
(and the "mistake" date ...)
I LOVE it -- the whole thing! (And i love NYC too - just went in February. The Cloisters was on the list but couldn't squeeze it in. Drats) Really, really like your journal.
india flint said…
place - related journals are a fine thing
SO so cool! Thanks for sharing!!!
That is such a cute cover, would love to see more of your journal designs!
Arty Nancy said…
What is the size of this journal? Was it a good size to carry around? I really like the random sewing of the tabs to cover and the stencilled NYC. And, well, just all of it! Thanks
Alisa said…
Wow, thanks everybody.

Good question. The journal is 6" x 6", and fits perfectly in my bag. If you don't like the square aspect, you could make it 5"w x 6"h and still have enough room on the pages. That's the size I usually make, but I wanted to use as much of the painted paper as I could.
Lucia Sasaki said…
HI Alisa, thanks for sharing it!
I wonder... what kind of paper you used to make the signatures? I guess that the paper in ticker than average print paper.

Lovely post, thanks again!!
Alisa said…
Hi Lucia,
Another good question! Yes, I used the 100% cotton printmaking paper, Stonehenge, my go-to paper, cut down from the 22x30" size. It is the same paper as the cover, but unpainted. It supports drawing, collage, cutouts, etc. very well.