New Art Quilt: What Are We Becoming

New quilt-of-the-month is the second in a series for the "metamorphosis" theme. It was an offshoot of   the quilt, Becoming (process posted here). 

This one blows up the concept of gears and ears and the merging of the biological with the mechanical or the organic with technology. The letterpress printed text from wood type is: Becoming / What Are We Becoming / You Look Becoming / Becoming. I also carved one large linoleum block and printed it in various colors, then cut it up and rearranged it and pinned it into place.

I cut up the text to disrupt the reading.

After piecing one full panel of the print, I started reworking the design.

And layering the print pieces again. The rust red was just too bright.

It finally calmed down and settled into place.

I pieced it, then ironed hems in the print pieces and sewed them down as patches.

My socks seemed to match that day.

I embroidered details in the top panel and spirals, eyes, squiggles, tiny screws, and springs to quilt and unify it. The eyes were inspired by the Klimt exhibit; I noticed he used spiral and eyes. My spirals are both a reference to the inner ear and to a watch part.

It turned out to be the perfect size to fit on a door. I feel a metaphor coming on.

I enjoy the process of traditional binding.

I've been working on my corners.


We have amazing new technology that helps someone function, that can augment their body in some way (hearing aids, cochlear implants, artificial limbs, eyeglasses that can enable the blind to "see" ). But at the same time our technology is changing our social fabric: how we relate to each other and to our environment  It's going to take a conscious effort to retain empathy, anticipation, compassion, tolerance, intimacy, and patience. What Are We Becoming? And what do we want to become?


Velma Bolyard said…
can't help but notice the page-spread-ness of this (flip it sideways). i DO like it.
Alisa said…
thanks, Velma! now that you mention it, I think the cropped picture definitely does! they all feel like books in the making, in any case.