Washi Tape Collage Bookmark

Here's a relaxing project that involves only a thick piece of paper, a scissors, and a variety of washi tapes. See previous post about washi tape if you don't know what I'm talking about. It requires only the ability to use a scissors. And maybe a little design sense. No other skills are necessary.

I had something in mind, so I chose tapes that either had French on them, maps, or other travel-related themes. I cut a scrap of Stonehenge paper (it's a printmaking paper, but you can use ordinary card stock) to size. I arranged the tapes around me. Cut and stick. The tapes are translucent, so you can play with the conceal/reveal aspect of them. Try squares or rectangles, lining them up, placing them randomly, using torn edges, or incorporating both torn and cut edges. Choosing a color, occasion, object, animal, or theme gives a nice constraint so you don't feel overwhelmed by the possibilities.

After I covered the paper, front and back, I punched a hole at the top and threaded a scrap of waxed linen through the hole. You can twist two colors tightly together for an interesting effect. I then took a bone folder (you could use something solid like a spoon or knife) and flattened the thread to lock it into place. I added an initial letter in various places, which I cut from other washi tape.

And that was it. It was fun.

This would be a great rainy day project for kids, followed by opening up a book and starting to use their own bookmark.

Addendum 2.13.19: You may want to laminate this before you add the little tassel. The tape is not very sticky and has a tendency to lift up over time. Two pieces of clear contact paper a little larger than the bookmark, then trimmed to size should work.