Book Art Catalogues from never mind the press

I like exhibition catalogues as documents of an artist, a time, and a place. When I've seen a show a catalogue functions as a memory jog, reminder of what inspired me. If I wasn't able to see the exhibition, I can browse to get a good idea of it. And if I can't afford owning a piece, I can still enjoy the pictures. Over the years I've compiled, designed and/or written for small catalogues for various shows, mine and others, and I'm always happy to contribute to an alternate art history.

If you are interested, I've updated the Birds of the Book catalogue, a full-color look at my "Birds of the Bible" project and exhibit from October 2019, and it is now available through the Lulu print-on-demand service here. The tunnel part of Birds of the Bible: Quail is shown on the cover.

Additionally, I've designed a catalogue of twenty-six of my unique books called, never mind the one-of-a-kind books by Alisa Golden, which is also available from the same company here. This one features books I have made over the years, mostly from 2007 through 2017, inspired by a variety of materials like handmade felt, beeswax, and glass microscope slides, and the form of a book in a box.

It includes micro-descriptions and full-color, sometimes multiple photos of each book; a price list and thumbnails are at the back. The cover image shows the unique version of Spotted One Day, about children growing up and releasing ladybugs in the spring.

In keeping with pricing for similar catalogues from Seager/Gray Gallery and San Francisco Center for the Book, they are 20.00 each. Lulu often posts coupon codes; (no guarantees) but try: LULU10 or ONEFIVE.