Birds of the Book at Seager/Gray Gallery, October 2019

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area in October, I hope you will make a trip over to Seager/Gray Gallery in Mill Valley. I'm having a show all month in Gallery 3: Birds of the Book, which features nine bird-related artworks. Every bird has a particular characteristic, and each book is a unique experience.

All the bookwork also may be seen on one page at my website Art quilts are on their own page here. Shown on the card below are the eggs from Letters of Transit, the collaboration with Dianne Ayres. (Those will go out to you shortly if you are on my paper mail list.)

The works: all three of my Birds in the Bible books: QuailRaven, and Bearded Vulture; Letters of Transit: Bird Passports, the collaboration with Dianne Ayres; the new book with my dreamed Linked Hinge binding: The Third Lighttwo older works, Crows at Home and Better Say Eagle; and two art quilts, Don't Look Behind You and Crows and Cons. A catalogue that I designed will be available through the gallery.

And we have two events! The opening is Tuesday, October 1, during Artwalk, from 5:30-7:30pm, and on Sunday, October 27, from 3-5pm, Maxine Chernoff and I will be giving a lively poetry and prose reading. *I hope to see you there!

108 Throckmorton Ave
Mill Valley, CA
T-Sa, 11-5; Su, 12-5

Addendum 9.27.19: Turns out we also had a good space to include my 2017 art quilt, Sweet Osprey Dreams. This is one of my favorites, and I'm very happy to be able to show it again.

Addendum 10.08.19: Exhibition and prices posted on Artsy here.

*Addendum 10.25.19: Event has been cancelled due to a crushed pipe under the gallery floor that needs to be excavated. We hope to eventually reschedule. Check the gallery for re-opening dates.