Solitary: a Tabletop Quilt

I pieced this little quiltlet as I was finishing "It Was Supposed to Be a Luxury," but it took a couple weeks before I figured out how I wanted to quilt it. I liked the abstract quality of the shapes, and I liked the colors, but it didn't feel complete. I quilted a running stitches in gray, but some made  the pieces look like matza, so I took those particular ones out. Maybe a little text, I thought, would anchor it. Amy's little book weight arrived, which turned my attention back to The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook by Susan Briscoe, and it started coming together.

The circle stitch, a kind of crossed circles is called shippō tsunagi (linked seven treasures), a stitch that is nearly one thousand years old. Using a circle cutter, I cut out the circle (or several) from sticky-back paper, pinned it to the quilt, and stitched around it.

This is really small: 17.5"w x 18.5"h (44 cm x 47 cm).

floating in water
a leaf
with breath

I used up the complimentary "Hockney's pool" fabric I had received with an order from Bay Quilts for this one. I like how the overlapping circles suggest leaves.

And it includes a solitary velvet square (lower left).

Another nod to the times and how separated we are physically, yet we can still reach out and create meaningful interactions.

Stay safe. Be well.


Amy said…
Hi Alisa,

I love your quilt and it makes me so happy your weight arrived in time to inspire!